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Need to change an assigned bus route?

Requests to change assigned bus routes must be approved by your child's principal.

  • One-time change - For safety reasons, the District does not approve one-day changes to bus routes.  In emergency situations - such as family illness or out of town travel - parents can send a written request to change their child's bus route for five or more consecutive days. The request must be sent to the child's principal for approval. Two days notice is required.
  • Permanent changes - If a child's bus assignment needs to change permanently - when his or her family moves to a new home, for instance, - the child's school office should be notified far in advance. Permanent bus change requests take at least three days to process. The school office will notify a child's parent(s) once the change has been approved. Until the request is processed, children will not be permitted to ride on a new bus route.
    Students who walk to school are not permitted to ride buses.
    Bus Stop Request Form
  • Childcare providers/Babysitters - Special arrangements can be made to have your child picked up or dropped off from a childcare provider. Families must choose a sitter who lives within their designated school attendance zone. The sitter arrangements can be for the morning or afternoon - or both, but they must be the same every day. We cannot transport to different locations on different days. Only three babysitter changes per year will be processed.  Childcare/Babysitter Transportation Form



If you have any questions about making a change to your child’s bus route, please call Quality Bus Service at 845-858-2150. We will be glad to assist you or answer questions.