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Port Jervis Middle School
"Make Good Choices...Have Great Days"

Clubs & Organizations

Join a club...go out for the team...get involved! Port Jervis Middle School offers a variety of clubs and activities to its students. Listed below are club descriptions, advisors, meeting times, and more! For more information on the modified sports teams, visit the Raider Athletics page.


Bully Busters Club

  • A Club designed to motivate students to be accepting of the diversity of their peers and to help students who are victims of bullying. Students will be educated about the many types of bullying, along with its lasting effects and varied means of bullying prevention. Club members will meet weekly to plan events that encourage the entire school population to be Bully Busters. The ultimate goal of this club is to create a safe, nurturing environment for all students at the Port Jervis Middle School.
    Advisors: Ashley Sparke & Donna Schutz


Cooking Club

  • Cooking Club meets the first and last Thursday of the month after school from 2:15-3:10 p.m. in room 311. Students are required to sign up in room 311 before every meeting to guarantee a spot at the meeting due to the high demand of participation. Cooking Club is great for students who are interested in expanding their cooking skills and learning more about the world of food. Cooking Club also hosts bake sales during lunch periods and at school dances throughout the year.
    Advisor: Amanda Coalla


Drama Club

  • The PJMS Drama Club is a new club to the MS and is open to any student. If you want to act on stage, or if you are interested in the technical or backstage aspects of a drama production, consider joining the Drama Club. You will make new friends, gain self-confidence and learn about the joys of theater! No previous acting or theater experience is necessary to join. The club will plan one or two performances per year. Drama Club meetings are every other Wednesday (1st and 3rd of the month). The meetings are never more than 30 minutes. Once a show is in progress rehearsal will be posted weekly outside of the auditorium. Rehearsals will be held after school.
    Advisor: Erin Cross


National Junior Honor Society

  • The National Junior Honor Society is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding middle level students.  More than just an honor roll, the NJHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship.  These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1929.  For more about the PJMS Chapter - click HERE>
    Advisors: Bethany Harget & Kyle Ross



  • The Middle School newspaper is published once a month by a staff of student reporters who write articles about school dances, sports and other activities. The newspaper staff meets in Room 304 every Thursday after school.
    Advisor: Scott Reed

Peer Mediation 

  • Peer Mediation is a group of students who are trained to act as mediators to resolve student disputes. Mediations take place at the Middle School throughout the school year. During the mediation sessions, two mediators are always present along with an advisor. The mediator's job is to cover ground rules and ask questions in order to get the disputants to discuss their conflict. They ask as many open ended questions as needed to get the most information out of the disputants. The mediators never suggest a resolution; they are acting as counselors and paraphrasing to help the disputants come up with the resolution. At the end of each session, the resolutions are written down on a contract and each disputant must agree to the resolutions and sign the contract. The goal is to help the students resolve conflicts without having to involve the principal.
    Advisor: Richard Graham


Ski & Snowboard Club

  • During the winter months, the Ski & Snowboard Club takes 6 weekly trips to Shawnee Mountain. Purchase of a Ski or Snowboard package is required. Ski and Snowboard package information will be available in early October. Don't wait, space is limited will be available on a first come/first serve basis.
    Advisors: Joseph Johnson & Peter Kowal


Student Council

  • The Middle School Student Council consists of officers elected by the student body. The officers are responsible for planning and implementing various activities and big projects during the school year. All Port Jervis Student Council officers are leaders; they can expect to hold a large amount of responsibility and play a valuable role in their school. Student council officers meet frequently with the PJMS administrators to share ideas and opinions from the student body, coordinate school events, and increase school spirit. The PJMS Student Council organizes and runs activities including all PJMS dances and spirit weeks, the PJMS extracurricular club/sport social, fundraising for Wreaths Across America, planning and fundraising for the PJMS carnival, and much more.
    Advisor: Scott Reed


Video Club

  • The PJMS Video Club meets every Tuesday afternoon. The purpose of the video club is to provide an opportunity for students to learn the basic techniques of camera operations and editing. The club is involved with every aspect of middle school life in documenting the events that occur over the span of the school year. Our major project is to put together a video yearbook that can be sold to students at the end of the school year. Students learn how to work together to complete a production from planning and research, storyboard, slating, camera operations, and editing. Every student is invited at anytime to join the Video Club and learn how to make their memories come to life. All you need is a willingness to learn and to become involved.
    Advisor: Kelly Decker



  • Beginning in November, the yearbook staff meets every Wednesday. The staff is responsible for taking candid photographs of school activities and creating the page layouts for the yearbook.
    Advisors: Terence McGuire & Elke O'Connell