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Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School
"Doing Things the Right Way!"

ASK Students Learn about the Sport of Stacking

Not just a pile of cups, Sports Stacking teaches real world skills

March 21, 2017 - ASK, Port Jervis, NY - A.S.K students got to participate in Sport Stacking during PE Class last week. Kailey Diedrick from Speed Stacks Inc., came to A.S.K to teach the students all about sport stacking.

Sport Stacking is an exciting individual and team activity where participants of all ages and abilities stack and unstack specially designed cups in specific patterns.  Sport Stacking has been taught and enjoyed in 62 countries around the world as well as over 45,000 schools, YMCA’s, child care and recreational programs in the U.S.

Not only does sport stacking with Speed Stacks meet all SHAPE standards, studies have linked the benefits of sport stacking with improved academic performance. Sport stacking is a fitness based sport that appeals to kids from all backgrounds and abilities.

For the athlete and non-athlete alike, sport stacking is a great activity for promoting fitness, achievement and inclusiveness. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved Hand-Eye Coordination and Reaction Time
  • Right, Left Brain Activation/Bilateral Coordination
  • Fitness for the Boday and Energizer for the Brain