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Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School
"Doing Things the Right Way!"

ASK Students "Standing Up" and "Filling Buckets"

ASK Students Filling Buckets and Standing Up with great Character

May 16, 2017 - ASK, Port Jervis, NY - Character is a top quality we look for in students at Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School .  To promote this, the "Bucket Fillers and Stand-Uppers of the Month" program has begun.  This program gives the school an opportunity to showcase the great qualities so many of our students possess.

Each winner gets to have lunch with the principal and will receive a very special water bottle.  This program is being sponsored by the ASK PTA.

A student is chosen from each classroom who displays the best character traits as listed below. 

Bucket Fillers and Stand-Uppers Criteria

  • Is Helpful
  • Is Respectful
  • Is Kind to Everyone
  • Listens and follows directions
  • Is polite
  • Includes Everyone
  • Speaks-up for others appropriately
  • Respects diversity
  • Makes good choices
  • Has good attendance


ASK Bucket Fillers and Stand Uppers

ASK Bucket Fillers - April 2017


- William Guellich (KBuz)
- Lindsay Pulos (KCah)
- Emmeline Biccum (KDym)
- Mia Griffith (KMcD)
- Javier Colon (KRic)
- Justin Jones (KSchm)
- Adrianna Nicolette (KSmi)

First Grade

- Jeremiah McIntosh (1Cha)
- Declan Moore (1DeG)
- Dennis Mahoney (1Eck)
- Andrew Roberts (1Men)
- Travis Penner (1Pul)
- Colton Cox (1Theo)
- Kamaria Williams (1Tuf)
- Franklin Wildrick (K/1Con)

Second Grade

- Justin Dessasure (2Con)
- Christian Ramos (2Craw)
- Tyler Maley (2Fini)
- Peyton Gurliacci (2Hig)
- Kayden Watch (2McE)
- Riley Dunn (2Taub)
- Donte Mays (2/3Turn)

Third Grade

- William Kranik (3B-W)
- Kaitlyn Batzel (3DiGi)
- Robert Culleny (3Lis)
- Shanade Leak (3Pat)
- Savannah Mioglionico (3Rob)
- Kenna Dunning (3Will)

ASK Stand Uppers - April 2017


Fourth Grade

- Meghan Lature (4Bar)
- Keilani Denn (4Bro)
- Nikolas Toth (4Eich)
- Ashley Emerson (4Kr)
- Shane Seger (4Mic)
- Xandra Eliason (4Nio)
- Denalia Green (4Tro)


Fifth Grade

- Joevier Alexander (5Ges)
- Tati Campbell-Algermon (5Hart)
- Yaveth Gonzalez (5Lar)
- Xzavior Mann (5Mur)
- Brandon Barton (5Rea)
- Madison Keuntje (5She)

Sixth Grade

- Elijah Mullins (6Fis)
- Emma Maley (6Jon)
- Lana Tate (6Nor)
- Aidyn Sotelo (6Stel)
- Javin Frank (6Wyl)
- Albert Vanderveer (6Reil)